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Anjou Beauty Facial Device
Anjou Beauty Facial Device
SGS certificated report of 28 days application results. It can make you young 10 years old!
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Anjou Beauty

The Anjou Beauty microcurrent facial device's outstanding functions can achieve lifting, tightening, improving absorption, repairing, deeper spa, and anti-aging, etc.

Rej Multipole RF + Red-Yellow LED THERAPY

ReJ-Deep SPA mode

Promoting the absorption of cell nutrients, strengthening muscles. Obviously reduce wrinkles in a week.

Reduces forehead wrinkles by 8%

Reduces nasolabial folds by 11%

Reduces crow’s feet by 9%

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RF&SONIC+Red led therapy

R&S-Skin care mode

Promote the formation of collagen, maintain moisture, gloss and elasticity.

Decreases pores by 27%

Raise skin density by 30%

Increases moisture content by 4.5%

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EMS+Red-blue therapy

EMS-Skin Tightening mode

Increase the energy of ATP mitochondria, pull up the skin, restore skin elasticity.

Improve the face weight loss 9%

Increases skin elasticity by 19%

Increases skin gloss by 8.8%

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Listen to the user's voice

I am in love!!! I always get all these beauty tools with such good intentions, but I never end up using them. This device though, I have been using every single day. It feels amazing, and it actually makes my cream sink in faster. The speed this heats up is super impressive.

Ivan M.

Bought the product been using for a few weeks and I do see some visible results. My acne scars are definitely lighter than they used to be and my skin overall feels great. One thing I do feel should be made clearer is that you have to buy the ion gel separately, otherwise you can not use the product. Other than this great product!


This product is amazing. I got visible results in under 2 weeks. I am glad I decided to buy this. Now I am considering buying the face mask which is pricier, but if it works like this, I think it will be worth it.

Lazarro .

Well I am not really one for reviews , however let me start by sayin this product is absolutely awesome I enclose an picture I’m in my mid 40s in the picture I am wearing no make up using no filters and not edited I’ve had no surgery no botox or fillers just this awesome device .... it’s amazing what it has done

Rock S.

I've been using this about 2 months. Skin is smoother, lines reduced and cheeks lifted.

Vizard k.

It has the blue and red light treatments and is supposed to help improve my skin. Fingers crossed, it works. I know it isn't going to be instant, but I will give it some time.

Julian M.

After using this beauty instrument, the skin condition is much better visible to the naked eye, the closed acne is reduced and the skin gloss is very good, my boyfriend praises me that my face has become beautiful, it is my heart love.


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Anjou Beauty Device Review